Trade show was a success :) on Thursday September 17th 2020

Can't wait for the next one.

You can watch the recorded version here: Click Here. Note it is not edited so you will want fast forward to start at the 24 minute mark with CDHA to miss a bunch of preamble registration stuff.

List below are the representative Contacts and email addresses

The list below are the website links and the representative to contact for any follow up questions. Click on company name to bring you to their website or their email to send an email.

  1. Canadian Dental Hygienists Association.......Donna Wells General inquires
  2. Sinclair Dental .....ottawa rep .Cheryl Hooghiem;and Nadia Valji from Dentsply
  3. Prestige Blade......Catherine Radley and Holly Patenaude
  4. PDT instruments....Holly Rynerd
  5. Oral Science .......Pamela Bedour
  6. Water Pik .....Melanie Murray
  7. Sunstar ....Joanne Blouin; Tonight's presenter Joanne Wing
  8. Crest Oral B ... Dawn Melanson
  9. Henry Schein.... and/or

Special thanks for doorprize contributors

Patterson Dental