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Why Take the Risk? Protect your Teeth.

Ottawa Public Health (OPH) is pleased to present our new mouthguard poster "Why Take the Risk? Protect your Teeth". The need for a new dental resource was identified at our last Dental Stakeholder Group.

This poster has been developed as a way to educate the public on the need to protect their teeth during sports activities. In addition, this poster can be used by dental professionals to emphasize to the patients that mouthguards protect teeth and tissues. The damages resulting from a blow to the jaw and mouth may have a lasting impact on a person's life. Interesting facts reported by the Ontario Association of Public Health Dentistry (OAPHD):

  • Athletes who do not wear mouthguards are 60 times more likely to damage their teeth and surrounding tissues.
  • Total rehabilitation costs for a single avulsed tooth are more than 20 times the cost of a quality, professionally fabricated mouthguard.
  • Lifetime dental rehabilitation costs can exceed $15,000 per avulsed tooth.

OPH is working with the City of Ottawa, Parks, Recreation and Culture Services Department to display helmet and mouthguard banners in 35 indoor skating rinks. Additionally, we are looking at other locations such as outdoor skating rinks.

To order FREE copies of the Mouthguard poster, please send an email to or call the Dental Information Line at 613-580-6744, ext. 23510.  It is available in French or English.

Respectfully submitted,

Lyne Lafrance RDH

Supervisor, Dental Health Promotion


Mouthguards    Download poster.