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The 31st Annual Trade Show held September 2022

Hostess for ODHS Jen Olsen RDH Volunteer

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  1. Canadian Dental Hygienists Association. Speaker; Donna Wells Manager of Profession Practice for CDHA; dwells@cdha.ca Web page

2. Water Pik. Melanie Murray RDH 613-203-1215; rdhmelanie@gmail.com WEB Page Instagram Facebook

3. Prestige Blade Local instrument sharpening Phone: (613) 262-4686 Website Instagram Facebook Email

4. Oral Science Pam Bedour RDH, Website Facebook Instagram p.bedour@oralscience.com phone 613-371-7766

5. PDT Instruments - Wendy Birtles website: https://www.pdtdental.com/ Wendy Birtles RDH Canadian Sales Manager P:(905)616-5476
Wendy.birtles@pdtdental.com Facebook

6. Henry Schein REP Lina.Evraire@henryschein.ca (Hosting Dani Botbyl in New Year. Contact to be on waiting list)