WE are adding 2 events.

One July 6th 2022. Part of a responsibility of a Dental Hygienist (and a person in general) is community outreach. Any of you who have participated with The Ottawa Mission knows in the past year had a tragic loss. The clinic manager had suddenly passed away.

NOW they have a new manager. A Dental Hygienist. She is outreaching to us. She has put together a zoom lecture to introduce the Ottawa Mission Dental Clinic to us.

July 6th, 2022 at 6:30 p.m.


Linda McLarty.

We will be hosting a zoom lecture with Linda on updating us on IPAC. Sponsored through Germiphene. Date not confirmed. Have Suggested July 6th or 13th.

Past CE events 2022

NOTE: Special Event. Save $10.00 to attend Charting with Michelle Aube Simmonds. Zoom with Michelle Sunday February 27th 2022. For the flyer and more details click here