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Privacy Policy

ODHS is committed to keeping your personal information safe and secure. Your personal information is not used for anything other than the purpose it was intended.  This applies to both on and off line information collected for society use.

Online Registration
The information collected on the online registration form is stored briefly on the Web server before it is transferred to our internal membership database when your membership is processed. The online registration form is SSL encrypted to protect your confidential information.  Credit card information is collected by PayPal, a third-party’s SSL encryped Internet connection. For more information about PayPal, please see their website at
Membership information is stored on the ODHS Membership database.  Our membership’s personal data is shared only with selected planning group members for the purpose of communication via mail-outs and emails. ODHS does not share this information with any other individuals, organizations or businesses.
Members Only Section
Our member’s only section tracks users through changes made to their profile. Changes made to a member’s profile are tracked and logged.
Using "Cookies"
The ODHS Members' Only web site uses an Internet tool called a "session" cookie. Cookies are small bits of data that are sent to a user's computer to improve the user experience. We use them to track that the member has signed in so that they don't have to continually enter their user name and password as they move around the site. This cookie is removed as soon as they log out or close their browser.
ODHS takes this privacy policy seriously. If you have questions or comments about our member privacy policy, please contact our communications coordinator.