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About Us

The Ottawa Dental Hygienists Society is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization.  

Our season runs from September until the spring of the following year. If you would like to attend our lectures, please join us by becoming an ODHS member.

Our Mission: The ODHS mission is to provide for the professional and fellowship needs of the Ottawa Region Dental Hygienists.

Goals of the Society

  • Provide up to date information through periodical newsletters and continuing education opportunities;
  • Provide communication avenues between members;
  • Organize and promote activities within our communities to increase public awareness of our society and profession;
  • Prepare an annual financial plan including the rate of annual fees;
  • Assist with member's employment needs by maintaining an "Available for Employment" list.
  • Provide fellowship opportunities;
  • Donate to charities.

Membership: The Ottawa Dental Hygienists Society represents a group of approximately 150 member dental hygienists.  We have been providing support to Ottawa dental hygienists for over thirty years.

Our planning group is run by volunteers: The ODHS is not an association with staff members and a physical office; nor are we a regulatory body.  We are a dedicated group of volunteer dental hygienists interested in enhancing our careers through society planning. Satisfying the ODHS mission and providing a diverse and interesting line up of courses for the continuing education needs of our members is our focus.  We welcome new volunteers!